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This ongoing Merry-go-arround of bringing UFO pictures and documents, claiming conspiracy all over, and then refuting everything again is totally useless. This damn thing has been going on for 60 years and it has yielded absolutely nothing. What our civilisation need right now is information, data. And there is none among that kind of futile activity.

In 10, 15, 20 years from now the next generation will access the decider’s seats, and they will run our societies. They will be in position to set up significant reforms and they will own the means to carry them out. They will be able to change things down here. And for that they need knowledge, inspiration, innovation.

The topic (Outer Foreigners) is so dense; it involves vast notions and large concepts, which goes far beyond Earthling’s usual material mindset. Furthermore, everything is intertwined.

Outer Foreigners do not transmit any information to the usual organisations, nor via the usual means (Ex.: SETI).  Simply because if they were doing so, nothing would ever transpire into the population. Outer Foreigners are acting in a context of pure freedom. Whatever information they choose to give, they give it to Earthlings in general.

Younger people ought to educate themselves about what the entire phenomenon – the presence of Outer Foreigners – has brought.
And that takes time.

This is where the information is.
The data is clear, simple, and evident.

Electric Universe holds the key to understanding the entire universe.

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Unified Fields theory brings everything down to one simple comprehension.

The study of crop circle reveals what technology to make use of and how.


Monoatomic gold is directly associated with the pyramids.

We do understand it, however we can not do a thing with it because we are heading toward the grave. All we can do is show youngsters where to look.


The equation is rather simple,
x = quantity or resources (on the planet)
y = rate of consumption (consumers)
z = remaining period of activity (in years)

Our situation is:  “x” divided by “y” = “z”

If one increases the number of people, the rate of consumption will increase too. Consequently, the quantity of resources will be exhausted faster. Technocrates in the ’70s got this equation right, and the conclusion was not to increase the number of consumers.
In fact, they knew the best would be to reduce the number of consumers, which would extend the period of activity to the economy. In short: giving more time.

The later concept of “re-usable”, “recycling”, or “green economy” is simply a way to lower the effect on the quantity of resources. It is a way of buying some time. In reality though, the system does not like to recycle, because it reduces the possibilities for economic activities. The system is inherently allergic to any sort of regulations.

People in the ’70s saw it coming alright. That period (1958-1979) was remarkably rich in several intellectual fields; artistic visions, philanthropic perceptions, humanitarian considerations and stuff.

– The movie Zardos (John Boorman, 1973)
with Sean Connery, Charlotte Rampling.

– The movie Logan’s Run (Directed by Michael Anderson, 1976)
With Michael York, Farrah Fawcett.

When the Personal Computer (PC, Desk Top) was invented (1982), it should have allowed these reflections (1970’s) to be somehow implemented in our global civilisation. And even more with the development of telecommunications worldwide. However, it did not. On the contrary, everything faded away and only GreenPeace remains nowdays.

The idea is we need a new seed, a fresh germ, an original outset to initiate a transformation. A global transformation, a new beginning in the history of earthlings, which will result in a renewed continuity for mankind as well as for all life on the planet. We must get back to the fundamental values of life, as true dedicated humanoids.

The next generation, those who are in college right now and even younger, the future of our civilisation rests on them. It rests on their knowlege, on their inspiration, on their faculty to bring innovations.

“We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base of operations is at present unknown to us”; Werner Von Braun, 1959.
Now, fifty years later, lets stop questioning, straighten up, open your eyes, start learning, focus on the positive elements, and take matters into your hands.


– Early 1900s:
Tesla and Marconi electromagnetic emissions.

– From 1935 to 1979:
Outer Foreigners exploration, probing, surveys, and monitoring on earthlings.

– 1980 to 1989:
Outer Foreigners have made an obligation that Earth’s governants does alleviate every excuse to any sort of “cold war”. Consequently putting a definite end to arms race. November 1989, The Berlin wall was destroyed and USSR dismantled.

– 1990 to 1999:
Outer Foreigners display of their presence to the entire Earth planet population, by making use of the miniature CCD Camera everywhere, the TV News coverages, and the internet facilities.
In 1995, the document “Autopsy of an Alien” was made public worldwide.

– 2000 to 2009:
Information Operation. Ignoring the “standard channels” on the Earth, clear communications from Outer Foreigners to the general population by means of Crop Circles.
A new critical situation on the Earth did arise (9/11) following the Neo-Con accessing political power in the U$. Since that group is totally detached from any advanced knowledge, and is only pursuing its own agenda, they are rebelious to Outer Foreigner’s inkling.

* Outer Foreigners monitoring earthlings about this latest critical policital situation.

– 2010:
The tendancy (Neo-Con agenda) is leading toward a localized military event in the Middle-East.

Iran (or its allied) will launch (by accident, provoked by the F.B.I.) a very strong missile (just below nuclear strength), which will impact on Israel territory. In response to that, Israel will launch back at Iran (or at its allied). The U$ will then have the occasion to intervene in the Middle-East countries. This situation will ensure an economic activity for the U$ mercantile system.

* We must watch closely and try to identify what reaction the Outer Foreigners will be performing, in relation to that critical political situation (between 2010 and 2019).

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  1. June 26, 2012:
    Analysis of the Japan Crisis
    (11 March 2011) shows curious data.

    – In “Grimsvoth volcano eruption”; if one examines carefully the way high current winds in North Hemisphere (climate), and how North-Western Europe winds are acting, and in what season, it becomes sort of “perplexing” that volcano erupted precisely at that time (provoking a no-fly zone designated for 222 kilometres in all directions from the eruption).

    And, it occured 2 months after the Japan earthquake/tsunami (21 May 2011).

    UPDATE (03 Dec 2013):
    It has been found that, certain type of Volcanic Aerosols have the property of capturing and neutralizing nuclear radiations.

    – The “Japan earthquake/tsunami” looks like a “two-waves strike”,
    in military basic strategies.
    (Three-waves, adding the Grimsvoth eruption)

    An earthquake of that strength closer to the land would have eradicated flat the entire area. And there would not have been any tsunami. Further away from the land, the same earthquake would have created a less strong tsunami not provoking that much damages.

    The earthquake epicenter was in remarkably perfect position:
    It created (strike 1) just enough damages on the land
    (electric network cut-off, nuclear power plants shut-down),
    and it provoked (strike 2) a tsunami powerful enough
    for paralysing once and for all those 4 nuclear power plants.

    It seams the Nuclear Power Plants were “targeted”.
    They needed to make those shut down permanent.

    Indeed, I am implying (involving by virtue of facts and logical analysis) that Outer Foreigners might have triggered both events: Japan earthquake/tsunami and Grimsvoth volcano eruption.

    3rd. wave strike: Adding the Grimsvoth volcanic eruption, that type of volcanic aerosols have the property of capturing and neutralizing nuclear radiations.

    For what reason?
    And people would argue “why so many deaths”?

    Let’s think about it:
    – Considering Outer Foreigners Operations,
    and the history of them shutting down missile-silos (etc.),

    – If Outer Foreigners knew for sure (in advance; by high level of virtual simulation with current actual data they monitor regularly) a very disastrous Nuclear accident was about to happen.
    Real unstoppable melt-downs, series of chain reactions involving those 4 power plants and their storage pools (about 8 times the Tchernobyl incident), creating terrible nuclear radiations and clouds spreading all over the planet, killing millions and poisoning food/soils/people everywhere for thousands of years!

    – And so if they decided it was best to set up a “controlled operation” for definitively paralysing those 4 nuclear power plants (and by the same way alerting international community about the use of nuclear reaction),

    – And to risk the lives of 5000 people for avoiding the huge planetary disaster that was imminent…

    How would you react?

    Clearly, “stupidity” of mankind on this planet forces them (outer foreighers) to be confronted with these kind of alternatives/choices.

    – – –

    On the other hand, and for comparision,
    Outer Foreigners were not “involved” in Tchernobyl. That event was much too “sudden”, and consequences were much too large and “uncontrolled”.

    Perhaps Outer Foreigners “inspired” the Designer Director to go check under the reactor, thus spotting the leak (which lead to the construction of the tunnel). Because, at that time, no one ever thought about that. And that leak under the melting reactor would have been disastrous (if they had not stopped it, by filling ii with concrete)!


    – – –

  2. August 30, 2011: Update comment.
    The “description of a military event to happen in Middle-East” (2010, the tendancy…) I did write here above on November 2010 was an example about what type of event to expect.
    Now, the situation in Middle-East is far more complex than I thought. There are 3 forces at work (in the sense of “aspirations”): (1) the U.S. military industry interests, (2) the local desire for democracy, and (3) the local muslim interests.

    On the other hand, I was considering the “nuclear threat for humanity/ecology” had been solved and dealt with, as per Outer Foreigner’s point of view (with the destruction of Berlin Wall/end of arms race, in 1989).

    However, geological analysis after the Japan Crisis presents curious data (tectonic).
    Usually (Japan history), earthquakes does not happen on that particular spot. The intensity of that earthquake was far stronger than usual earthquakes striking Japan region. If that much strong earthquake had hit Japan, very little would have remained.
    The impact on Japan’s nuclear reactors proceeded by 2 strikes: (1) the earthquake wave (strong enough for destroying the electric lines), and (2) the resultant tsunami/tidal wave (impacting the reactors themselves). The consequence was, (a) once cut off from external electric provision, (b) reactor cores melted. If only one or the other had happen alone, the following “Crisis/chain of reactions” would not have unfolded.
    This looks like fundamental basic strategy process, a very standard procedure.
    Considering the outcome on the world’s nuclear politics/industies, and public awareness on that subject (utilization of nuclear power-plants) resulting from that event, one is left wondering if that event was really natural.

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