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Ancient gods vs The Great Entity.

As a common denominator, ancient chronicles are describing peculiar beings (“gods”), whom are coming down on the Earth from space (the sky), and whom are involved into activities pertaining to the later related civilization. Some are responsible for the “creation of earthlings”. Several are bringing on the Earth specific information and philosophical contents. Many are giving precise technological instructions and/or recommendations for establishing a decent community on. These beings have left a profound philosophical impression on the related people or civilization. So much that they became revered and worshiped after they went away. They were remembered as the “creators” or the “gods” by their “descendants”. And later on, entire theologies as schools of opinion concerning particular “divinities” were developed from each and every remaining descriptions and chronicles. Many of these have been transformed into “religions”.

Outer ForeignerThe fact is, these beings from outer space have absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with The Great Entity. Both types of characters are very different. The beings from outer space are humanoids, human beings from other planets. They come from outer civilizations, which were at that time very much in advanced compared to our present modern society. These are Outer Foreigners.

On the contrary, The Great Entity is a transcendent intellect, a supreme mind. It is the fundamental source, the source to everything, the Author to the entire universe. The outer foreigners might have “created” humans on the planet Earth, they might have adjusted the ecosystem and gave birth to each their related ancient civilization. However, they did not “create” the entire universe!

Since the ancient god(s) figure is coming from “above” (the sky, space), it can not have created it. In other words, logically, The Great Entity could not come from the macrocosm that it has created. This perspective is essential to understand.

The accurate comprehension about outer foreigners intervention in earthling’s history does not alleviate the concept of The Great Entity. Each are simply different figures, distinct characters, and they must be considered separately. Of course, this involves fundamental changes in the “religion”, or theological opinions people are adhering to. Not so much to the content itself, but rather to its affectation, or its assignment. Meaning the responsibilities to each respective protagonists must be reoriented accordingly with each their correct position in relation to the macrocosm.

The beings from outer space (Outer Foreigners) does not deserve gratitude for the creation of the universe, and The Great Entity did not intervene into earthling’s ancient history.


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