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On your planet, the conditions of existence are pathetic. Your congeners are dying of hunger while a minority are wasting resources irresponsibly. Resources and means to alleviate this epidemic are available. Humans (humanoid) are destined to higher conditions and they must adapt their way of life according with that purpose. Their intellectual development urges them to make use of innovation to address the pending issues. In this case, feeding the masses. You must redirect the staggering sums of your useless military budgets and apply them to humanitarian services.

Nutrition habits characterizes the manner in which nutriments are supplied to the metabolism. One way or another, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals have to be processed. In a society where health and occupation prevails, the fashion to get the nutriments is not really important. What matters at the bottom line is to get the required daily dose of sustenance, without respect to their form.

In pragmatic terms, super-nutritive organic tablets have to be produced for providing everything the body needs. A contrivance, integrated mechanisms, has to be put in place on a large scale for supplying the people with permanent means of sustenance. The nutrients inventory has to be processed and transformed into Organic Nutrients Caplets (O.N.C.). Personal rations can then be distributed and delivered to the people, according with each their own diet.

Capsules (caplets, pills) are quite easy to administer and flexible in usage. The biggest advantage with capsules is their compact form and shape; even with their tiny form, they contain a precise and worthy amount of components. Capsules possess a long shelf life; they are clean and hygienic in their quality.

The mechanisms responsible for the production (agriculture, farming, fruit-gardening, etc.) are supplying raw materials. The function of the transformation mechanisms and the preparation instruments is to grind and to filter the raw material, isolating the nutritious elements and producing a coarse powder. This material is then condensed, dehydrated, and hardened into small tablets or capsules. The whole process is transforming and assembling the nutrient substrates into rich portions, biological nutritive organic aggregates, or caplets. All the necessary elements providing sustenance to the metabolism, and for the maintenance of the physiological health, can then be supplied to each individual: a personalized ration of these organic nutrients

The personal diet comes down to the appropriate quantity of these O.N.C., providing between one thousand two hundred (1200) and one thousand eight hundred (1800) calories per day. This diet on Organic Nutrients Caplets has to be combined with a regular intake of distilled water; at least eight ounces every day. Distilled water is preferable because it is water from which impurities, dissolved salts and colloidal particles, have been removed by one or more processes of distillation; it simply is chemically pure water. The water can be replaced or combined with fruits and natural juices of all sorts, when they are available. On a monthly base, the proper quantity of O.N.C. and water are to be delivered to people.

It does not take a long time for a universal individual supply of subsistence (including distilled water) to be put in place. Huge warehouses must be installed everywhere, because the distribution and delivery have to reach every individuals in all places, areas, sectors, districts and territories. Shuttles combing every inhabited sector regularly, connecting warehouses to local distribution centers.

This basic infrastructure ensures that everyone is uphold and sustained, and humans on your planet are released from starving. This is not such a radical change to the diet habits as it is to the method. Nevertheless, this method is really eliminating the problems related to the individual sustenance. With time, this method will be allowing the communities to grow and to develop.

Do adopt a vegetarian diet, do set the arable soil inventory and organic nutrients inventory to fabricate Organic Nutrients Caplets (O.N.C.), and do distribute them to everyone free of charge on your planet. This way, your civilization will truly demonstrate a genuine intention toward humanitarian intentions, thus taking a step in our direction.


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