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H2O Magnetron
Technology inklings provided by Outer Foreigners (Crop circles).

See below: Magnetron technical inklings from Crop Circles (Tom Sutter).

-> Basic principle:

Burning water using microwaves for providing energy instead of coal, and save the environment.

Just over 3227C, the water molecule break down into elemental hydrogen and oxygen, and at a temperature of 1527C water breaks down into a few flammable components such as H2, O2, H2O, O, H and OH. Hydrogen spontaneously ignites at 585C.

The energy density of water is about the same as hydrogen per liter of liquid (2 liters of hydrogen + 1 liter of oxygen = 2 liters of water).

Microwave irradiated environment does make the water molecules unstable. There is approximately 120 Mega Joules of energy contained in 1 Kilogram of water. When the water burns efficiently, it can be utilized as fuel.

If 1% of a Kilogram of water burns in 1 second at an efficiency of 100% due to the microwave’s energy making the molecule unstable, at the expense of 1 to 45 Kilowatts of electrical energy, the heating energy product would be 1.2 Megawatts. If the co-efficient exists at 1 Kilowatt to burn water at a rate of 10 grams per second, the power gain would be 1,200 times the heating energy over microwaves alone. In the worst case requiring 45 Kilowatts to burn 10 grams of water per second, the product would be 26.67 times the heating energy.

-> Description of the technical details embedded in Crop circles:
(At 18:10 on the video)

-> Elaborate technological details (H2O Magnetron) from Crop circles:

Tom Sutter was the only English speaking scientist providing elaborate technological analysis and details on the information embedded in Crop circles. His website was destroyed (by U.S. national authorities) and is still unavailable since.

Therefore, the only website providing the exact same work (elaborate technological analysis and details) is in French. If you can read French, and if you are a technician, you will get more than you expect! We need experts in physics and chemistry on this.

> Page 2 <

> Page 3 <

> Page 4 <

> Page 5 <

> Alternative website (Tom Sutter) <

Tom Sutter:
I am saying that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization does its best trying to explain that we must use Magnetron to create microwaves that will split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Which, in turn, will combine with explosive force and will reverberate against a piezoelectric quartz, and which electrical emissions will feed back the Magnetron and thus maintaining this whole process.

The resulting device (H2O Magnetron) will produce thermal energy (allowing production of more electric energy) and electrical energy (feeding back the system).

However, trying to explain this to a much less advanced society (earthlings), whose primary method of communication is incredibly different, proves itself to be extremely difficult. No drawing (Crop Circle) can transmit the entire process. It’s just too complicated.

Let’s be logical: What would you do if you were in their place? You would present this information in stages, and hope they come to understand that everything fits together like a puzzle. That’s what they do (Crop Circles).



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