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Colin Andrews is the pioneer scientific researcher in Crop Circles studies,
at that time civilian consultant to the U.K. Ministery Of Defense (MOD).

In this Presentation
(at the Exopolitics, X – Conference in Washington D.C. 2009),
he does bring forward precise information proving the government’s officials (UK)
did indeed link “crop circles” with “UFO” [outer foreigners] activities
right from the begining (1985).

Note: I would recommend focussing on the physical events, facts and figures,
that are described in this video document.

Personally, I do not subscribe to any “subconscious” nor “spiritual”
components related to the genuine Crop Circles and “UFO” activities.

Regarding some particular “coincidences”, or certain cases of “mind connections”; I am more inclined to consider Remote Monitoring and Influencing of Earthlings Brain Activity (thoughts, etc.) for Psychological Assistance (indication, orientation, induction, reasoning), from Outer Foreigners “sociology operation crew”.

The same about effects on earthlings physical instrumentations. In some case intentionally done, in other cases unintentionally done (created by electromagnetic disturbances from aparatuses and physics they are making use of).

Video direct link: (

* See previous technical documents on this subject:
-> (Nov 2010) The H2O Magnetron text and video.


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