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Earthlings Youth have called upon us!

The media network on your planet is so preoccupied, this action by teenagers happened with practically no body noticing.
In 2001, a group of Russian teens from Moscow, Kaluga, Voronezh, and Zheleznogorsk participated directly and via the Internet in composing a Teen-Age Message (TAM) to extraterrestrial intelligence, and in the selection of target stars. Their message was transmitted in the Autumn of that year, from the Evpatoria Deep Space Center.

The Teen-Age Message (TAM) was transmitted at 18:00 UT, on 29 August 2001, from 70-m dish of Evpatoria Deep Space Center, to the Sun-like star HD 197076 in Dolphin Constellation.

The total duration of [the] TAM [transmision] was 2 hours 12 minutes. Just about anyone in space listening could have picked up the transmission, and decode the information it was carrying.

The T.A.M. (Teen-Age Message to the Stars)
Under Supervision of: Alexander L. Zaitsev, IRE RAS, Russia

> The Group of teens (from Russia web sites) <

> SETI (TAM) <

> The Message Design <

> The Message (content) <

Scroll down to the paragraph starting with:
” Greetings from Teens to Aliens (…) “.

The Teen-Age Message (TAM):
(3rd section – both in Russian and English)

Greetings from Teens to Aliens – TAM Text:

” Dear friends from the Universe!
We are the children from the Earth planet, sending this Message to you.

We want you to know, that you are not alone in the Universe.
We offer to be your friends.

The Galaxy, where you and we live, is our common Home. We named it the Milky Way. The Earth planet is moving around the star named Sun. The planet itself is covered by ocean and land. There are many creatures living our planet; but only people have created a technological civilization.

We live in families: parents and children. Children like to play.
We would like to show you our games, drawings, music.

The duration of our life is about 80 years.
While writing this Message, we are from 13 to 18 years old.
So, we hope to receive your answer.

People have many cultures, languages and religions. People have reached the technical progress, but scientists have also invented horrible weapons, which may destroy the life on our Earth.

Our planet is very beautiful, but it is ill.
Our problems are wars, ecology, exhaustion of natural resources.
But we hope we shall overcome these problems and all people on Earth will be happy!

We would like about you!
Please, reply. We would be very glad.

We wish you peace and love.

The children from the Earth,
August-September, 2001. “


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