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Planetary Crisis; The Core

When we look at it, our present method is actually to strive at feeding two (2) civilisations: Feeding our live stock (food; meat) and feeding earthlings!

The fact is the arable soils, agricultural lands for growing crops on one planet, can not provide for feeding both these groups (live stock and earthlings).

Furthermore, the impacts of live stock on ecology (methane and wastes), coupled with mankind general pollution (CO2), are too many to deal with.

Logically, and mathematically, growth and expension of this system is out of question.

As a responsible individual our job is not to change the world, but to change our personal habits.

Because, a small step for a man is a giant leap for humanity!

> Video Doc <

Interactive Conference:
Alalena production,
Marianne Thieme,
Member of parliament, Netherlands.

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  1. Thank you for your comment.
    Both videos are relevant!

    Indeed, the economic system (consuming resources) does present strong resistance to changes. However, you are bringing several options as pertinent alternatives.

    The “cannot be printed” initiative is very good!
    I adhere to that.

    I am encouraging you in your research!
    You are welcome.

  2. I’m terribly sorry for the wrong link, I was talking about this youtube animation:

  3. Good post, the real problem is the non-stop growth of our economies. This short youtube animation says it all.

    I’ve been doing some research at how to change our system and habits towards a more sustainable future. The results of this research can be found on my blog (

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