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Patterns of Knowledge.

Our cultural background is an integrated pattern of knowledge that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning.

Generally speaking. in the mind of the population the term “Alien” refers to all those freaks and creatures; greys, reptilians, praying-mantis-like caricatures. Nothing founded on basic biology. And it carries all their related fictional stories (conspiracies and underground stuff), movies, science fiction horror films; Aliens, Breeders, Creature, Predator, War of the Worlds, etc. Likewise, the term “UFO” means hoaxes, laughable pranks, pseudo flying saucers, sterile debates lucid people prefer to remain away from. Referring to those is doing nothing else but spreading misunderstanding, and fear. It indicates a specific cultural background.

Within empiricism perspective, consider outer foreigners are making use of a particular technique, which they are applying in both physics and psychology. It is to utilize material from the host for coating and isolating an “exotic content” being implanted, and thus preventing natural rejection to occur. When they see a witness/subject feels more secure in front of a Natural Atmospheric Phenomenon (NAP), they portray their vehicle as a “ball of light”, orbs, or something that sort. They place the corresponding cultural “mental screen” in the mind of the person. On the other hand, when they realize a witness/subject is familiar with vimana-like mechanisms, they do not camouflage their spacecraft. Their action is conducted in close relation with our cultural background, because it shapes our perception. And this is very important.

Because outer foreigners behavior and practice toward earthlings is conducted in close relation with our cultural background, adaptation is imperative. If we improve our comprehension level, they will reduce the use of “mental screen” (camouflage).

This issue needs to be addressed by each of us individually:
We must improve our level of comprehension.
(learning acquired by reading and study)

Terminology & Etymology; A method of comprehension.
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