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People’s Concern; to apply changes!


During last year (2010), a meaningful quantity of emails from readers of my web sites were asking the two same questions: (1) If outer foreigners are monitoring earthlings, why do they not come and help us out? (2) If those are real, why can’t we apply the technology that is said to come from Crop Circles?

Answering the first question is simply referring to the “diversity factor”. Outer Foreigners are respecting the diversity we Earthlings species are presenting, in their context.

Many people seams really concerned about the second question. And several go further: “ (…) the problem is when we (younger generations, from the way they write, or maybe their parents) are trying to ask big corporations for practical changes. Like food with less chemicals, beverages with less sugar, appliances requiring less amperage/volts, real electric cars, solar or wind power grids (…) ”. All their questions can be summarized as How can we (people writing: readers) apply enough pressure on companies to bring changes?.

I admit, I had a hard time figuring an appropriate answer. Obviously, these are concrete preoccupations real people have, and this is very important!
After re-organizing my web site (from Windows Live to WordPress), I took time and started digging seriously into the subject. I even asked several experts on this field (Crop Circles, and related technologies).

Trying to get the broad picture and find some leads toward pertinent responses to offer, I did search the phenomenon quite extensively (Crop Circles and embedded technology). My conclusion is (1) it would take a team of dedicated science people and/or technicians (physics, electromagnetics, chemistry, biology) for really getting into it scientifically and come up with valuable results, understandings, and concrete appliances. (2) Searching into this domain has lead to uncover a staggering amount of technological notions and principles that has been rejected or tossed aside by the Regime (economy system). Between 1800 and 1950, these different approaches and methods would have lead to technologies avoiding the present ecological and humanism crisis we are facing worldwide. I was flabbergasted to read those and before the quantity. For example, there are at least 50 different types of applicable free-energy systems! I could not believe it, I was confounded how on earth have we come to discard all those! It seams there is an entire realm of extraordinary technological applications being totally deserted, abandoned, almost forgotten. (3) I also found when someone has constructed a real practical application with technological inklings from Crop Circles, it is immediately confiscated by so-called “authorities” (Boeing, NASA, car, oil, gas, electric Companies and such). The “invention” is bought, claims are registered, and it is put away. The “inventor” then becomes unreachable (email always full, web pages deleted and so forth). The simple action of publishing a web-link to one of those “hidden techniques” inevitably leads to it being bought, claimed, and put away. Consequently, it leads to its disappearance.

There is a lot more to this, as it is always the case with the many branches of study on outer foreigner phenomenon. When one starts digging, one always find multiple layers sending to search many other domains of knowledge. This is especially the case with Crop Circles! It spans from simple microwaves to Unified Fields theory elements, and from plasma electromagnetics to telepathy method. Crop Circles is not my field, and it would require another 30 years, which I do not have. My field is outer foreigner’s type of civilization and their society (ethnology, anthropology), and their vessel. This is where my expertise is. However, I was able to grasp the situation clearly enough.

Considering the above, here are the two avenues I am outlining:

No one can come on your property and say you can not use an appliance you have constructed yourself, as long as it does not threaten anyone or anything. Just do not advertise it on the newspaper! And none can force you to get anything from companies like electricity, gas, cars, oil, medicines, food, and stuff. Get some friends together, study the pertinent techniques and make use of it for yourself. When the number of people doing this increases, the companies will progressively loose monopoly and strength.

On our planet there are many countries struggling desperately to find their way (particularly in Africa). What they need is technology. This will appear clearly on the next Ecology Summit. However, all technologies we are utilizing are not ecology-friendly in the first place, and they are under Private Property Rights anyway. Consequently, they do not have the means nor the resources to buy any of those (look at Iran, China, Venezuela, India). Countries in Africa can not even transform their own resources because they are kept away from useful technology. They need help! Get some good friends together, study the pertinent techniques either from Crop Circles and those “hidden technologies”, from 1800 to 1950. Reach to the countries in need and work with them at constructing useful appliances with those. They will develop a different system of technology, they will gain autonomy and independence, and thus they will be able to operate for the good of their people.


Younger generations, especially those in college right now, they ought to be made aware of the exact present situation, and to know where is the real gateway. We (our civilization) have about 120 years to the Aquarius era? That means 3 times 40 years; so there are 3 generations ahead. That is more than enough for being able to solve the multiple-crisis!

All I can say is take matters into your own hands. Read everything and gather all information you can find on that subject. There is quite a lot! Study everything, take notes, compare and do experiments, practical tests. Record and write down everything and invest time. It is a matter of years, the renown specialists have each dedicated their entire life at studying particular domains on that field of research. They have done the burdensome work of (a) identifying means for distinguishing genuine cases, of (b) elaborating tools for measuring physical traces, and of (c) recognizing types of information that is embedded. Hence, they have cleared out worthy paths so subsequent researchers know how and where to look.

To the youth: This planet and its population is in your hands.



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