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Evolution; The Gateway.


How come it is so important to consider Outer Foreigners, or people coming from other planets, in a rational manner? Why should we even bother with such a difficult subject in the first place?

For one thing, Outer Foreigners have been accessing our atmosphere going everywhere openly for about 70 years now (1940-2010). The concept of “people coming from other planets“ is well implemented in our modern culture, worldwide. Even if many people are retreating into denial, it does not abate their presence. And the fact that they have been shutting down missile silos in many countries is quite meaningful. This is the only tangible direct deliberate action they have ever performed against particular government policies on our planet.

Imagine that every weekend for several years there is someone in your neighbourhood who is listening to music so loud no one around can sleep until 2am. If one day some neighbour walks in that person’s house and lowers the volume himself, what would that mean? Logically, it means the community is fed up and, according with common sense, one of them decided it is enough.

When someone records a vimana cruising by, it does not imply just one person. Perhaps there is only one craft and only a pilot inside, however, an individual is always related to a community, to a society, an entire civilization in this case. People from other planets coming inside our atmosphere brings into our perspective a different form of government. The existence of divergent political or administration systems, ways of living differing very much from ours.

A different Regime.
This is the crucial part because since Outer Foreigners can reach our planetary system, since they are operating here unhindered and they are not damaging anything: their Regime is working.

Obviously, ours does not work at all. Our Regime (economy system) is not adequate and the repercussions it keeps creating are becoming overwhelming.

To realize that indeed other civilizations did succeed and that a satisfactory Regime does exist is encouraging for us eartlings! This is certainly one profound appreciable result from Outer Foreigner’s presence: it yields hope and courage.


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