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2000 J.C.; The Disclosure Era.

Nowadays, there is a new generation of investigators, because youngsters are forced to be sceptical in this modern era where global government corruption is rampant and now obvious.

People can no longer trust anything they hear, or see. Instead, they search out the truth themselves, together in small groups of people with like minds. They are using internet, social media networks, on location citizen-reporters, street journalism, video editors, YouTube, all modern media tools they can find and operate.

The new generation is anti-lies, anti-corruption;
They are real dedicated truth-seakers.

Every day, everywhere on the planet, schemes and scams on high levels are revealed
to the public! This is Disclosure on a wide scale, and this has never been seen before in our history.

This is an evolution because people are now refusing to be told what to think. Even on a broader scale they are rejecting unacceptable conditions they were forced to live in.

Nowadays, people go ahead and take matters in their own hands bringing changes on many layers in their society.

One thing is certain:
People can not be lied to anymore!







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