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The Soul; by way of empiricism.

-[DataJY]- ©2011.

NOTE: In this article, I am not advocating for, nor speaking for, nor pleading for, nor arguing for, neither in favor of any philosophical position (metaphysics). I am simply laying down the basis, the fundamental elements for allowing to consider scientifically (empiricism) a particular phenomenon.


From Descartes school of thinking, the science method approach, understanding requires to measure a particular phenomenon in order to study it. Observation allows to gather information about it. Deduction is the action of examining our knowledge seeking for plausible explanations. Experimentation is the bench allowing to test these plausible explanations and zero in on the actual causes. Establishing a theory, as the result of these three previous phases of measuring, brings the apparent causes and consequences together on that particular phenomenon. A theory is not a dogma, as it draws the notions of the present understanding, it must always remain open and able to be adjusted according with subsequent new findings.

Empiricism is the only avenue that allows to study any phenomenon while ensuring to remain inside the boundaries of rationalism: it is realism, instead of fiction. Myths or mythology delineates a body or collection of imaginary stories dealing with supernatural causes for explaining without scientific facts and knowledge aspects of particular phenomena. Personally, I have the utmost respect toward people’s intimate beliefs, which is the private domain to each individual. However, we need be able to measure what is happening within a particular phenomenon for understanding the real causes and consequences. And for that, the only satisfactory approach is the scientific method.

In science, there are several fields of study where no tool for measuring exists. Observation can not focus on, neither pinpoint the exact circumstances. Deduction is confronted with deficiency of reliable notions. Because it is very difficult to circumscribe the particular phenomenon, experimentation can hardly take place. Consequently, there is nothing concrete on which to establish a theory. Equivocal opinions and ambiguous assumptions are far from any apparent causes and consequences to any phenomenon.

Under the light of empiricism, what should we do when facing this kind of a situation?
If we have the means and resources, we concentrate our science armada on studying it. If we do not, we leave it aside looking for additional information while waiting to get the means and resources. We should not fall back to equivocal opinions and ambiguous assumptions though, which would be a regression. Progression requires to be patient.

One of these fields of study where no tool for measuring exists is the Soul
(psychology; study of the mind/study of the soul).

The animating and vital principle within living beings, as an incorporeal consciousness (not tangible or material), credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity. The intellect, which sums up the ability to learn and reason, and the capacity for knowledge and understanding. It is the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of living beings. The spiritual principle embodied in living beings, pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature. The problem is, “spirit” often refers to mythology, and that is from where equivocal opinions and ambiguous assumptions come into this field.

Regarding the origin to the soul, there are two schools of opinion. One that considers the soul as a result of the inherent complexity of the brain (materialism), the other considers it is an immaterial constitution (metaphysics). We can not investigate this aspect further (origin of the soul) because lack of tools for measuring. Nevertheless, we want to be able to analyze the subject (the soul) without referring to neither of these opinions about its origin.

Theology and metaphysics is not the purpose of this synopsis. However, for clearing out this component (origin of the soul) in order to remain strictly on the main subject of this article (dynamic of the soul), let us draw a simple general definition.

– Theology is the field of study and analysis that treats of a Supreme Being and of its nature, attributes and relations to the universe. Particular forms of divinity, system, branch, or course of this study, school of opinions concerning a supreme being and metaphysical questions. Rational inquiry into metaphysical questions is always difficult due to the fact that many people are attaching great meaning and significance that became personal fundamental beliefs. There are many beliefs (personal opinions or convictions), which everyone can study. Basically though, the fundamental concept to the Supreme Being is the existence of an author to the entire universe and to everything that is found in it. An architect, a mastermind or a designer to the macrocosm.

– Utilizing rational logic, we can demonstrate that concept is legitimate. [1] Everyone can understand that for something to exist, an object must have been thought about inside the “mind” (intellect) of someone in the first place. The idea of an object is then fabricated with material and the item takes form in the physical world, so everyone can see it and use it. [2] When something that is existing in front of me (for example: a chair) was not conceived by myself, it has been thought of by someone else’s mind. Evidently, someone else planned it and created it. [3] Then, since there are objects existing and that does not come from any other person’s “mind” (for example: the trees), those “things” must have been thought about by a distinct mind. [4] Hence, the entire universe was thought of and created by a distinct intellect, or a supreme mind, or a transcendent entity of some sort.

It is not the purpose of this article to get into defining in details the physical and metaphysical aspects to that supreme entity. Let us simply recognize that we just did demonstrate in logic and with respectful manner the concept is legitimate.


Now we can analyze the subject, the Soul, without referring to any of the above opinions about its origin (materialism and metaphysics). Let us use Realism instead. It is obvious every living being can think, reason, and decide, to a certain extent of course. And because these abilities are intellectual expressions, consequently there is a form of vital principle or a degree of consciousness within living beings. And that is what we can refer to as the Soul.


The Soul
(a degree of consciousness: psychology; study of the mind/study of the soul).

The intellectual dynamic (soul/mind) is the most complex mechanism ever. Adding to that, referring to psychology (Freudian), it has three layers of consciousness (mind awareness or sensitivity): (1) the conscious mind, (2) the subconscious mind, and (3) the unconscious mind. Because of that, the quality or potentiality in an actual life experience can originate from these three layers of activity. Feelings, emotions, ideas and impressions are the results of the intellectual dynamic, the chemistry of the soul (the mind).

Altogether the intellect dynamic is a process that functions on its own and it produces ideas or impressions (feelings, emotions, etc.) resulting from both inherent underlying analysis (unconscious activity) and from conscious reasoning (thinking). While the thinking process is easily perceivable, the inherent underlying analysis (unconscious activity) is hardly perceptible. Therefore, results from unconscious activity (ideas and impressions ) is the source of ambiguity and equivocal inferences.

The internal conversation a person has with oneself (mind), usual analyzing between thoughts, ideas, and impressions, it mixes up with personal beliefs and convictions. In the midst of this process, it is hard to distinguish when results from the unconscious activity are shoved in.

Being totally unaware of this mechanism, any unexpected result (feelings, emotions, ideas and impressions emanating from unconscious activity) can lead someone to consider that it came from “outside” the system (the mind). Usually, people are referring to unexplainable coincidences for explaining that. Some people refer to metaphysics, and others infer mystical sources.

Attributing occurrence of these unexpected ideas and impressions to supernatural causes is simply not consistent with rational consideration. If ever that is the case, and unless it translates into physical empirical facts, we have no tools for measuring that phenomenon anyway. The only event of this type we can measure is the transference of thoughts or feelings between twins, because it happens often. We can verify it, monitor it, and hence study it.

Aside from that and generally speaking, these unexpected ideas and impressions are sent forth by the unconscious activity (subconscious and/or unconscious layers), the inherent underlying analysis mechanism. That is a fundamental part of the intellectual process. Therefore, they must be regarded as internal production of the intellectual dynamic, products of the soul itself.


We have absolutely no tools for measuring ideas and impressions being actually implemented in the intellectual process, from “outside” of the mind.

The only background available on this topic is the transference of thoughts or feelings between twins (and between unrelated people in seldom cases). This is the field of study on which our scientific armada ought to be concentrated for understanding this phenomenon: telepathy, or transference of ideas and impressions between people’s mind. Conscious and deliberate telepathy is not current in our own culture and studying this ability of the mind is becoming important in a context where outer foreigners are making use of it regularly (as basic mode for communication).

While telepathy does appear clear and evident to protagonists involved in that form of communication, there is another type of transference of ideas and impressions into someone’s mind. Hardly perceptible among the intellectual dynamic, it often spreads ambiguity and equivocal inferences when one is suspecting of it or is becoming aware of it.

Remote Suggesting.

Utilizing subtle telepathy to bring ideas or impressions before a person’s mind indirectly. It can be use either to mention or to introduce ideas or impressions for consideration or possible action, or even to prompt the consideration of. While leaving the person completely free to decide (as opposed to mind-control), this method increases probabilities to certain actions because of a larger variety of options being presented to the thinking process (intellectual dynamic).

– Remote Suggesting is very different from “mind-control”, which is a fictional concept in our cultural background (novels, movies, tales and fables), and practiced mainly for malevolent purposes. Knowing about telepathy and the natural intellectual process (psychology), Remote Suggesting is simply the befitting concept instead of referring to metaphysics or to supernatural causes.

This brings into light a very particular method outer foreigners could be making use of.
Remote Monitoring of Brain Activity, and Remote Transference of ideas and impressions for Psychological Assistance (indication, suggesting), which can be performed by specialists in “advanced planetary sociological operation”.

Painting; “L’Annonciation” (1496), by Carlo Crivelli (1430-1496), at La Galerie Nationale de Londres (London National Gallery).

This painting shows a woman sitting inside a house, she is at a desk writing a text. A vimana craft is hovering in the sky and it is emitting a laser-like beam connected to the woman. Since this scene is entitled “Annunciation”, clearly this is related to “remote suggested inspiration”.


– Remember, although we can suppose of its application, at the present time we have absolutely no tools for measuring this phenomenon. Remote transference of ideas and impressions into someone else’s mind is merely complementary to the utilization of telepathy.

– Bearing this in mind, considering Remote Suggesting as an inherent plausible derivative process to the use of telepathy, if they were motivated by detrimental intentions outer foreigners close operations would have resulted in some form of regression in Earthling’s situation. And what we see all along is the opposite: positive progression toward humanism worldwide.


Psychology (Freudian), as the study of the mind/study of the soul, should be investigated thoroughly with all available scientific tools and techniques. Particularly the field of telepathy by studying the transference of thoughts or feelings between twins. We must increase our level of general knowledge and this is a phenomenon that can yield many practical notions and concepts. Especially in the context of interplanetary relations (Exopolitics; possible contact between earthlings and outer foreigners).

There is much to learn before us, by way of empiricism!

-[DataJY]- ©2011.

I would never have treated this subject if it had not been illustrated in Genuine Crop Circles in the first place. The A.M.V.C. Model shows clearly how a humanoid species come to discover and make use of telepathic abilities from utilizing personal remote communication interface, whereas they are living in a cybernetic system (computer controlled infrastructures and institutions). On the Earth, there is a particular phenomenon that can lead us to that discovery before the use of personal remote communication interface becomes widely spread. The transference of thoughts or feelings between twins is the tip of the iceberg to that field of study (telepathy: direct mind-to-mind communication). Therefore, we do not need to go through parapsychology and metaphysics, in which domains we have no tools for measuring anything.

Hawkins theorem (1992): Hawkins Circlemaker’s Fifth Theorem has been published in the Mathematics Teacher magazine, May 1998. It has been developed from the fact that Euclidian mathematics and geometry have been found embedded in Genuine Crop Circles, which is an old-fashioned type of mathematical ingenuity. Intertwined with Diatonic ratios, the presence of those does appear as an inkling outer foreigners gave earthlings toward telepathy.

Hawkins theorem


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