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Earth; The Wasteland.

-[DataJY]- © 2011.

In general, earthling’s awareness or mind-presence spans about a week or two in time, maybe a month, a year in some cases. The next pay-check, next trip or vacations, next occasion or contract. It is a closed mind-set focused mainly on material, basic needs or stock rates, and small selfish privileges scattered around the year. This context does not put forward considering long term consequences to actions done in the present. Little they know about the big picture, the broader portrait that emanates from monitoring events and statistics on a wider segment of the contemporary unfolding history. Reaction only occurs when facing severe consequences, which response is by definition “too little and too late”.

One generation is about 40/50 years, it takes that period of time for the children to replace their parents on different position they are occupying in society. This is half a cycle and it is completed when the second generation replaces their parents, about 100 years total. This period represents 1 social-cycle. Usually, the first children take advantage of the social tools and occasions put in place by their parents and the second generation deals with the consequences.

This is the time frame or period that should be monitored because expertise the elders have acquired is necessary to the second generation for them to actually deal effectively with outcomes and repercussions they are experiencing. However, this time frame is much too large for people to visualize. It stretches out from the general Earthling’s Psychological Confinement, which is a limited dimension of considerations narrowing everything down to materialism: short term pecuniary interests and consumption of goods.

Nevertheless, the present Social-Cycle (1930 to 2010/30: 80/100 years) is the time frame where outcomes and repercussions are of such magnitude succeeding generations can not deal with. As they are trying to cope with the “conventional Regime” their grandparents did put in place, the very basis are collapsing under their feet.

Constant production of more goods is filling up lands and oceans with trash. Artificial substances have now integrated themselves into the chain of life (all living organisms). Genetically altered organisms (seeds) is diminishing natural variety and that makes any crops vulnerable to diseases, which in return necessitate more chemicals. Continual augmentation of chemicals in the environment has affected each and every human on the planet and subtle physiological disorders (hormones and neural activity) are plaguing children worldwide. General pollution is slowly eradicating bees and that brings about decrease of crops while number of people to feed is increasing. Though atmospheric pollution has altered global climate very significantly already, companies are still promoting the concept of “utilizing fuel” (consumables). And they are employing the same principle to methods of supplying for the outstanding necessity of energy.

Clearly the common objective in this system is to create mercantile exchanges, movements of money, everything is oriented toward pecuniary interests. This is the sole motivation on the Earth and it drives all activities. Whether it is medicine or medical treatment, transportation or telecommunication, hobby or vacation, food or water, elderly care center or education system, everything is either a product or a service to purchase. Aftermath is simply irrelevant.

Pecuniary interests as the sole motivation for supplying basic needs installs a closed mind-set that only focuses on immediate financial benefits. Outcomes and repercussions of this Regime are coming around now, and it is likely the second generation will be overwhelmed.

Particularly, the use of nuclear reaction involves “long term” considerations that defies human perspective (thousands of years). Not only gamma rays have absolutely monstrous effects on all living organisms, they can not be eliminated. At the present time, there are currently at least 440 nuclear power plants scattered on the Earth, and more than twice as much nuclear fuel cooling pools (which is basically the same as nuclear power plant). However, nuclear wastes storage is even more critical and no one is saying a word about that. All these present sources of gamma rays earthlings have produced and gathered can not be eliminated.

The Japan disaster unfolding at the present time is only a practice, training for what lays ahead. It is the tip of the iceberg.

A green and pristine planet like the Earth was requires billions of years to develop (Earth: 4.3 billion years old). Right now, yours is actually a land of wastes and illnesses bringing about the contrary of life: degradation.

Earthlings are transforming their planet into a burned out cinder…

Good luck to the next generations!

-[DataJY]- © 2011.

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