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Humanoid Civilization.

The fact is people from other planets have made contact with earthlings.
In other words, they have made their existence known.

For Earthlings to try and figure out the reality behind Outer Foreigners, meaning why and how it is possible that people from other planets are visiting the Earth and performing operations inside its atmosphere, we must understand how other humanoid species are functioning inside a different system (Regime).

The first step is to ponder the basis of a Salutary Regime. How a particular socio-demographic system is putting in place the means and conditions for allowing an entire people to access advanced technological notions and to conceive corresponding practical accomplishments.

Once the specifics (effects and outcomes) from living inside this kind of Salutary Regime are understood, the reality behind Outer Foreigners becomes perfectly obvious and normal.

Just do the simple effort of learning what such a Salutary Regime is, and then picture an entire people (civilization) living in that system.

The rest is simply evolution, with time…

Salutary Regime

NOTE: The two stars system situated at 39 light years from our sun he is talking about is Zeta 1 & 2 system (Reticuli); the Reticulians (the Reticulian Civilization). We know about them because of Betty & Barney Hill, and the Betty Hill/Marjory Fish Star Map.

ADDENDA (DataJY) Feb, 2012:

This video document is very interesting because:

1- The witness is clearly describing the difference between outer foreigner humanoids, and actroids (android units) and their tasks.

2- He is describing that “difference” in a period of time (in 1988) when people did not really know about “actroids”. That is when and how the confusion installed itself and fervents created the “greys”, without referring to any biological information.




One Comment

  1. Facts of the Matter.

    While the entire planet (world) is working very hard at bringing out of shade and understanding the subject of visitors from other civilizations (outer foreigners), in a common effort simply to cope with the matter, the americans (U.S.) are setting up to enroll their people into an extremely disagreeable new paradigm. An additional dubious myth of theirs, so they will never come to grip with anything close to the real situation.

    The rumor that is actually rampant over there (in united-states) is saying: “Yes, our planet is being visited by extraterrestrials, and they might be here to get a hold on our resources”.

    Of course, no one in the world is ever going to buy that. People all over the planet are much more advanced, comparing with americans on that issue. The only thing they are achieving by this is educating their own people to be retarded.

    If outer foreigners had ever been malevolent in any way, we would have witnessed it firsthand for sure long ago. On the contrary, everything points to a large scale planetary sociology program (advanced ethnology), which operations are oriented toward humanism. That is a system of thought and behaviour that rejects religious beliefs and centers on humans, on their values, on their benevolent capacities, on wisdom and science.

    And, in fact, that is exactly what we see when we analyze the impacts or repercussions on our people the presence of extraterrestrial visitors have. From 1947 to nowadays, there has been a clear, persistent, and continuous increase of humanist considerations in our people. Ecology is only one of the many notions and concepts progressively introduced in our society worldwide, from 1970s. And the tendency is continuing as people are requesting more and more these types of considerations from their government.

    On the scientific level, exotic implants (Dr. Roger Leir) are showing very precisely evidences of foreign technology, which is extremely advanced. Communications to earthlings (Colin Andrews) have been presenting technology inklings to our civilization since 1980s, much of those we desperately need.

    Besides, some outer foreigners did get several resources from the Earth decades ago (Ex.: the NaCl Operation). However, they proceeded in a way nobody really noticed and no one is missing anything. They only took what they needed (Sodium and Chloride ions), as surpluses in earth’s system, and now they have a provision for a very long time. In any case, most logically, with their level of technology, it is way more probable that they pick up resources preferably on space bodies that are not inhabited (planetoids, asteroids, planets).

    As far as empiricism goes, all the information I did gather throughout 30 years of studying this phenomenon will eventually be confirmed, as we will learn more about outer foreigners. Elements are already surfacing and they link together. That is how a theory is evaluated and either validated or not. I am encouraging serious interested and dedicated people to look and explore the entire phenomenon themselves. Gathering data and monitoring the progression of social behaviours over decades is mandatory, because this is how we can spot persisting tendencies. And outer foreigners are working precisely on series of decades among centuries.

    The current tendency shows the entire world is slowly getting used to the notion that outer foreigners are present and the fact that they are performing operations inside our planet’s atmosphere. Most of these procedures are performed out-front, in the open, before the public, and especially for being recorded. This is in direct opposition with the pretenses coming from the U.S. about concealed activities from “aliens”, which only perpetuates myths their people are accustomed with. Leave them retreating into isolation and let’s keep on progressing together.


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