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The Timeless Universe.

(Click on the picture to view it and read the description).

Simple mathematics, geometry, and logic
shows very clearly that the universe can not be “expanding”.

– If we can see “things” (galaxies, etc.) at 10, 15, or even 20 bilion light years from our present location, it means those “things” were already overthere that much long ago.

– Otherwise, we would see nothing (at/from those places).
Because for images from overthere to reach our actual observation point, it would have taken as much time for us to get there (at our present location). And at that time, there had been nothing overthere.  Therefore, the “expansion” theory does not make sense.

We must leave inexact concepts behind and turn to modern notions that are accurate, precise, and which can be reproduced in laboratory experiments (on smaller scales).

The modern theory that brings accurate explanations, precise descriptions (which can be predicted and verified easily), and demonstrations in laboratory experiments
is the Electric Universe (Ambiplasma).

> Synopsis <

> Introduction <

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And the beauty of it is, even children can understand it!

The real universe rather looks like this:
(galaxies and clusters of galaxies forming up, by z-pinch effect, along secondary Birkeland currents deriving from these Major Centripetal currents)

An Electrostatic Ball;
Which is marvelously illustrated in nature by this lovely flower!

The Electrostatic-Universe (Data-JY 2013):

(Click on the picture to view it and read the description).


DC-ESB1 – Dendelion-Cosmos; Electro Static Ball
Visualization of the Macrocosm (and its circuitry)

BoT – Battle Of Titans
Visualization of the interaction when Venus joined the solar system.



> Unified Field theory <

> The Schwarzschild Proton <


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