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Intellectual Awareness; The Progression.

For several years now we have been identifying new planets, and even planetary systems beyond our own. Progressively our technology is becoming able to scan much better and clearer, much closer to stars. Therefore, it is likely we are entering an era of great meaning as we are discovering many planetary systems. Our intellectual awareness should follow the same process.

The presence of Outer Foreigners is near one century old phenomenon (1918-2012). Throughout that period lots of information has been brought into light.

While population everywhere was getting familiar with “flying saucers” (Vimana), Erik Von Daniken opened our eyes to the existence of peculiar material and information in our history from archaeology, anthropology, and ethnology. And Colin Andrews placed our attention on these very intricate Crop Circles.

Nowadays, a lot of information is available! We need to make sense of it, in a realisic and logical manner, under the light of Empiricism (scientific method and knowledge).

Transmissions from a highly advanced civilization:
The Chilbolton species.

> Reference <

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Their planetary system:
Star, 1, 2, ( 3, 4, [ 5 ] ), 6, 7, 8, 9.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th planets are inhabited, or a percentage of their population is living on these three planets, because on the Template the corresponding “dots” have the same characteristics the Earth has on the original Template; Arecibo.

On the Chilbolton Template, the 5th planet (dot) is replaced with 4 squares around an empty dot that is representing a planet position/size. This is the source of some confusion. However, because the previous year they did draw their emission array/antenna on the exact same spot (next to the Chilbolton telescope), logically this information tells us their main planet is the 5th one.

The Humanoids:
Their body equals 3.30 Feet, or 3 Feet and 4 inches (Tot.: 40 inches).
Earthlings are 5.78 feet, or 5 feet 9.5 inches (Tot.: 69 inches).

The Population:
12,742,213,502 persons, or 12.74 Billion population in 2001.
This is very significant because, on the Earth some people have come to question the number of our population (about 6 billion) while considering the poor conditions a great percentage is living in. It is somewhat eloquent though they fail to mension the overwhelming wealth that is accumulated by a very small percentage of the population!
We can see a planet or a civilization can indeed support a greater number of population (double), with the accurate system (Regime). This refers directly to the nutrition habits and to the resources management. Especially considering they have established “colonies” on 2 planets next to theirs.

The Chilbolton species DNA:
The Phosphate – Deoxyribose (Sugar) Hydrogen Bond is replaced with a Silicon Oxygen 4 (Tetrahedron) – Deoxyribose (Sugar) Hydrogen Bond. This particular molecular arrangement is responsible for the species different DNA helix, which has sharp angles in the DNA strand when twisted on one side, while the other side remains curving like our own DNA does. We do not have enough material (bases, sequences, chromosomes) from them for being able to “model” a kind of complete humanoid. Still, the information is clearly showing us that they are very similar to earthlings.

In fact, something else is telling us that we earthlings are very much closer (DNA) to them (The Chilbolton Species) then we are to the chimpanzee (chromosome number).

Throughout the modern history of contacts (genuine close encounters), it is commonly known (among serious researchers) that many who have been “abducted” remain ill with chronic fatigue (which generally includes a high level of RNAase L) after having been in close contact with outer foreigners. In these occurrences, their immune system (earthlings) have been activated by contact with 2′, 5′ RNA (outer foreigners). This is peculiar because, for the immune system to react, it must have been activated once before. The immune system has to “learn” about an exotic substance for being able to found a defence against it (vaccines). Therefore, this “reaction knowledge” (reacting to the 2′, 5′ RNA, leaving traces of RNAase L in high level) is embedded in our own species DNA. Scientifically, it can not be otherwise.

Consequently: Either (A) our own species DNA (earthlings) has derived from the Chilbolton Species, or (B) our species ancestors (Anthropology) have been in direct contact with them. One way or another, this information clearly proves that the Earthlings have had contact with this humanoid species in the past history.

In July 30, 2010, instead of a Crop glyph a face appeared drawn with dots. Religious fervents immediately thought it resembles the face of Jesus on the Shroud. However, when we look carefully examining both drawings, they do not match. This was jumping too fast to a conclusion, being blinded by religious convictions. It is way more logical these people would represent themselves and show us how they look!

On the image, the lower part slightly to the right of the mouth clearly shows a white triangle. If this means they are related to the Pyramid, and therefore related to Orion constellation, this has immense significations and implications.

These people have been drawing Crop Circles on the Earth for thousands of years (meaning, people throughout generations in their society have been doing that here).
Crop glyphs they draw are always embedded with very advanced technological details and inklings while presenting amazing artistic compositions, exactly the same as the Pyramid. The fundamental concept in the Pyramid is “Pi”, and many Crop glyphs are involving “Pi”.

In fact, examining Crop Circles requires the same methods and techiques as investigating the Pyramid.

Perhaps we have just identified one more civilization:
– There is the Reticulians, from Zeta 1 & 2

– And there is The Chilbolton species/Pyramid designers,
from Orion constellation, whom are drawing Crop Circles.

And it makes sense these are closely DNA-Related with earthlings (immune system), because the Pyramid Builders/Designers have been deeply involved with Earthling’s anthropology/history (…)

In Orion constellation, among the Three Pearls, the 2nd star corresponds to the 2nd Pyramid on the Giza complex and it is linked with the Sphinx (Leo) which identifies the Lion constellation. The first one (Khufu) is the one Pyramid designed with intricate technical details.

The diagram of the interior lay outs are corresponding with the 3 stars in Orion (Three Pearls). Probably each “chamber” represent each star. The Giza complex on the ground is the mirror image (symetrical inverse) to the 3 stars of Orion in the sky. And the lay out in the Pyramid is like a “map”. On the Pyramid diagram, the Underground chamber (#3) is Ori Mintaka, the Queen’s chamber (#2) is Ori Alnitam, and the King’s chamber (#1) is Ori Alnitak (see note 1 bellow).

Closing in (from the East) on the internal design of the 1st chamber (the King’s chamber: 1i). Starting from the top angle, which represent the star (that local sun and its influence), each horizontal stone slab represents an orbit. Contrary to a normal construction each stone slab is different (dimension), and each their position is different (spacing and casing). The size of each slab might represent that planet’s characteristics (mass, volume, size, etc.). There are 5 horizontal stone slabs illustrating 5 orbits/planets.
The Main chamber (P1) is directly under the 5th slab, which means the Main planet (inhabited) is the 5th one (corresponding with the Chilbolton Template). And the secondary chamber (P2) might illustrate its natural satellite, a Moon. According with the diagram, those people are travelling regularly between their Main planet and its Moon.

This interpretation of the Pyramid diagram does correspond with the entire planetary system (displayed above) that has been communicated to earthlings by the Chilbolton species (Chilbolton Template). The Main planet is the 5th one. In the Pyramid diagram, the 4 last planets (after the 5th one) have been left out (see note 2 bellow).

The Great Alley might represent a very common space-route leading outside of the local planetary system (from the Moon). According with the diagram, they are “visiting” Alnilam regularly (2i). Perhaps the large stones around the Queen’s chamber are related to the local Sun’s influence (characteristics, astro-physics). Also they are “visiting” the 3rd one (3i), obviously there is nothing significant over there. All patterns (space-routes) are joining up and exiting the “region” (the pyramid structure).

If indeed the Chilbolton species is the Orion People (pyramid designers), this is one very important civilization to Earthlings because they have been with us from the roots of our history as humanoid species. And we can see they are still here!
Perhaps we are cousins…

We need pay close attention to what information the next Crop Circles will bring.

Note 1: Unless I have mistaken the orientation of the Pyramid lay outs (the entry is on the North side) and the orientation of the stars (mirror image). As with the Betty Hill Star Map, we need to work in 3 dimensions. I am no astronomer, specialists are welcome to point out precise positions and details.

Note 2: They probably left out the 4 last planets because after the 5th one, which is the main feature of the design, it was not convenient for the structure. Specialists in geo-astronomy should examine relations between the stone slab size and normal characteristics to corresponding planet/orbit in that system.
Even, specialists should elaborate a similar design with characteristics of our own planetary system, for purpose of comparison.

Complex intellectual transmissions (excerpts):
from The Chilbolton species.

1- The Jig-Saw Piece:
Solution to ‘Stanton St. Bernard’ 29.05.2005;
> Info <

2- Summary of the best puzzles in crop circle history;
> Info <


– Describing future astronomical events in advance, which could not have been predicted by astronomers today on Earth.

– Octahedron, triangle-based surfaces (Pyramid).

– The Arecibo response (August 19, 2001), the Chilbolton Crop Circle clearly responding just several days in advance to the Teen Age Message (T.A.M.).

– Describing a meeting held on “curved DNA in chromosomes”, of which no one could have known, because that meeting was not openly advertised (This indicates clearly they are monitoring earthlings much more closely than we can think).

– Buckminsterfullerene C60 structure (Nanotechnology).

– Euler’s Identity (Euler’s Equation), the most beautiful theorem in mathematics
(also embedded in the Pyramid).

– Golden ratio and Golden spiral, advanced mathematics
(also embedded in the Pyramid).

– Clear reference to Melatonin,
a brain hormone which promotes sanity and relaxation.

Earthlings should clear up 3 misconceptions resulting from misinterpretation that leads to nowhere, and only bring confusion:

1- There is no reason people from another civilization would portray our own planetary system when laying down series of information about them.

2- When you send your own Curriculum Vitae to people, do you put a picture of Bouddha? Likewise, there is no reason people from another civilization would draw a picture of “jesus”.

3- Time travel is a fallacy. What we call “time” is an illusion created by physical changes. The only way to solve what has become known as the “Wheeler-DeWitt equation” (describing the entire universe) is by leaving “time” out of the picture (and replace it with Torque equations). The universe is eternal by definition, therefore “time” has no purpose.

All that information in Crop glyphs is like “reports” to Earthlings writen and drawn by elders. Regular accounts or statements describing in detail facts, events, particular situation, or giving some technological clues, as the result of observation from their part.

They are monitoring earthling’s civilization and the entire society the same way we monitor a patient from a serious car accident arriving at the emergency in a hospital. All sorts of sensors are set and survey many aspects presenting precise pictures in real time on the situation and its progression.

Actually, the only real problem we have is we can not identify with certainty who’s vimana it is when we see one!

Additional information on history and culture:
The Realm Of The Pearls.



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