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The Wake-Up Call.

The only “conspiracy”, which is somehow related to Outer Foreigners, comes from the U.S. concealed government in tandem with the energy consumption industries cartel.

They send out in the public embedded information designed to create the specter of one or more outer foreigner species that are a threat, so that the subject can justify “secrecy”,  can justify weaponization of space, and so forth.

Those are “conflict motivated manipulators” on the planet Earth, they are earthlings (predominantly U.S. citizens), they are not from space!

Those are responsible for the actual cosmological indigestion within ufology in general.

The result in the population nowadays is people conflating different domains and concepts give rise to fallacies and ambiguity:

Pseudo Space beings that does not correspond to any standards in biology…

The “Cowboys and Indians” syndrome (the good and the bad) up-held by simple-minded anthropomorphism…

Eschatological expectations maintained by the general orthodoxy doctrine…

Psychosis toward disarmament, seeded by the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.)…

This situation makes up the fertile ground on which the U.S. (unacknowledged operations, or black-ops) spreads deliberate confusions for exploiting the fear of outer foreigners, so they can breastfeed their military industry complex.

This parasitizing of the planet, of the people, of the resources, is steering earthlings civilization into a very objectionable turn.

And this is the ultimate topic we all can agree on:

– Our own civilization behaviour and attitude

This is the source to each and every problem we have, as general population of people on the Earth.

Outer Foreigners have shut down missile-silos and missile-rockets regularly until the arms-race was put aside, resulting from The fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

This is not an act of invasion,
it looks rather like an act of liberation!

Everyone has seen videos of “flying-saucers” over the nuclear power plant sites (Fukushima Daiichi), after the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan (March 2011).

This does not look like an act of threat,
it looks more like repercussions assessment from the part of neighbours who are a little concerned, preoccupied, worried, caring!

Throughout history and modern era, there has never been any act of aggression from Outer Foreigner’s part. In fact, the contrary would be inconsistent with the capacity of travelling in space!

Dr. Steven Greer;
The Final Sequence,
European Exopolitics Summit 2009.

From any angle we look at it, the only problem in the picture is our own civilization! That is where all threats are coming from. That is the source of all types of aggression on our people, on our children, on women, on the ecosystem, and even toward outer foreigners.

The main focus point to every concern we have ought to be our civilization behaviour and attitude. Because it is provoking all sorts of repercussions we are facing nowadays, and that our children will be facing.

What’s ahead is not the end of the world, it’s just the turning point.

The most significant one, because earthlings future is in our hands.

The Venus Project;
an alternative (Salutary Regime)
for a sustainable new world civilization.

The ones who are opposed to that are not from outer space, they are “conflict motivated manipulators” down here on the Earth!

General people worldwide must take the matter into their own hands, and steer our civilization into establishing a Salutary Regime.

We Must Take The Right Turn!

This is the transition we must engage, and get involved with,
once people wake-up.

Besides, this “Salutary Regime” (cybernation) helps us understand how outer foreigner civilizations might be performing (general cybernetic system).

DataJY, 2012.


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