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The Dawn of a New Era! [2015]

Disclosing The Facts;
(Disclosure Initiative before The USA Congress 2013).

What we [earthlings] have got to understansd is, we are dealing with civilizations that are thousands of years technologically and intellectually more developped than we are. Hence, their technology looks like magic to us. Imagine going back in time show T.Jefferson a cell phone… Or, try repairing internal parts inside an engine to a Formula-1 race car, while it is actually racing…

Earthlings have to have a certain amount of humility.



The fact is we are dealing with outer foreigner civilizations that have gotten here, to our planet (solar system). That in itself forces us to look back at ourselves, to look at our actions, our present and our history, and to set new goals for a global civilization.

The internet and social medias altogether are prersenting sort of a “Collective”, which is worldwide and can involve everybody. That Collectiveness has the power to become prominent to the point of pressuring for measures to be taken.


CSETI USA Congress Hearing (2013):
(The national legislative body of the United States,
consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives)

On this > document < (video), at 15:00 to 34:20;
Citizen Hearing USA Congress 2013
(the Disclosure Initiative)

Citizen Hearing videos > documents <;

Exopolitics; Insight.
December, 2010; DataJY.

Aquarius documents;


The socio-military industrial corporate financial establishment
must be transformed into
International Peaceful Health and Relief Operations Foundation.

A task-oriented organization for bringing modern facilities (food, water, health, education) to every human being on the planet Earth, utilizing technology for Peace and Benevolence.

Then we [earthlings], as a decent civilization,
could invite them [outer foreigners] in a spirit of peace.

We are being visited by outer foreigner civilizations, they are wanting to reach out to us earthlings. But, the only answer they got back from earthlings is being shot at, and lied to the public about.

Citizens of the planet Earth must take action,
within this New Collectiveness;

A Citizen Diplomacy Effort.

Pioneering a new patern of Peaceful contact,
toward freeing the people from macro-economic system.

The People’s Disclosure Movement and Peaceful Establishments.

People all over the planet have come to realize that
the U.S.A. Government have deceived everybody, at least 3 times:
(1) The Moon landing fakes (nobody can go through the Van Halen Belts),
(2) The 911 Staged Up destructions (explosives were planted in advance),
(3) The UFO-Extraterrestrial cover up (CSETI USA Congress Hearing 2013).

These facts are clearly showing that anything coming from the U.S.A. Government is not to be trusted. Perhaps the U.S.A. citizens themselves have a hard time coping with that, but this is their problem. Everybody else is well aware about the reality. The CSETI USA Congress Hearing (2013) does present the actual context. Citizens of the planet shall go further.

My suggestion is:
Do establish a Planetary Organization for peaceful contact,
and freeing the people from macro-economic system.

-[Data-JY]- ©2014.


A- Trans-Dimensional (considerations): a collective made with all minds in the universe, the Supra-Counsciousness of Minds (the zeigeist or ether): to tap into that Supra-Counsciousness of Minds, (input/output) = interplanetary communication. Telepathy (see: Twins).

B- Trans-Dimensional (considerations): dematerialization (disapearing) and materialization (reapearing) of physical crafts (vimana), which is an application of the technology Molecular Mass Inversion (cosmos/sub-cosmos); see: The AMVC Model;

Paragraph; Venturing out.
Also; Referring to the Strings theory,
Mass inversion technology (Accessing the sub-cosmos…).

Prerliminary; The Electromagnetic Field Drive Vehicle,
Also; Nucleic Resonance Channel,
3 – Beyond the Strings theory.

Exo-Expedition; Summary



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