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Fra#1 -> Civilisation Humanoïdes (255 pages):

A- Description anthropologique du développement naturel d’une civilisation dans l’univers jusqu’à l’avènement d’une rencontre avec une civilisation plus avancée qui l’initie au voyage intercosmique.

B- Dissertation sur la situation contemporaine de la civilisation sur Terre
sous l’éclairage d’un entendement modernes.

DataJY ©2008: Tous Droits Réservés.

> Non-disponible (révision 2018-2021) <

Fra #2 -> Un Système De Vie Moderne (60 pages):

Argumentaire en faveur d’une réforme du Régime qui s’exerce sur notre planète
et exposé de propositions pour sa réalisation.

DataJY ©2009: Tous Droits Réservés.


#1 -> The A.M.V.C. Model (47 pages):
Outer Foreigner Civilisation Description.
(Advanced Matriarchal Vegetarian Civilisation Model):
English Condensed Version of the French document;
“Civilisation Humanoïde”.

DataJY ©2006: All Rights reserved.


#2 -> PRESENCE (50 pages):
Synopsis  (18 articles), summarizing 30 years research,
on the Outer Foreigner phenomenon.

Analysis in the light of our general and advanced knowledge
(in all domains of science), regarding observations
of outer foreigner’s activities inside our planet’s atmosphere.

DataJY ©2010: All Rights reserved.


#3 -> HUMANOID SPECIES (80 pages):
Descriptions (4 articles),
adressing several subjects in anthropology,
related to earthlings history/ethnology,
in the light of the presence of outer foreigners.

DataJY ©2010: All Rights reserved.


#4 -> The Broad Picture
Introducing The Big Wheel theory (45 pages)
Description and analysis as the final synopsis from a total 35 years research on the general situation regarding anthropological history on the planet Earth (ethnology), and its relation to outer foreigner civilizations in the course of earthlings evolution.

The “final synopsis” because it does outline answers to the very last questions, or explanations to the ultimate interrogations, that remain after the work presented by the three previous documents (#1, #2, and #3).

DataJY ©2012: All Rights reserved.


#5 -> Where does that current come from?
If indeed electricity (moving electrons) is the skeleton to the cosmos:
There are very simple basic laws in electricity (physics).
Apply basic notions in electricity to objects in space.
(very simple description)

DataJY ©2017

Free document, Read online or download


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The Course Our Civilization Is On:

Projection is a technique for being able to have an idea about what current tendencies will lead to, if they keep developing in the future. This is a scientific method and when all parametres are taken into consideration, it portrays a very probable course of events. Experts have analized prominent elements and tendencies for drawing a projection on 100 years development from now. It shows a probable course of events, if nothing changes, to what will be the situation in 2100.

Video: Earth2100

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
History of Earthlings; My Conclusion (2011)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Resulting from 30 years of research;
Considering ethnology, anthropology, archaeology,
paleonthology, and biology;

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
A/ Pre-historic era

Anthropological history (lineage) of earth’s natural hominids (anthropoids species, without nasal bone) ends around -30 000 years ago (Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
B/ Mid-historic era

Then appears six (6) fundamentally different human ethnics and cultures (civilisations) scattered (isolated) on the Earth (Cro-Magnon species, with nasal bone):

A 1st. group of outer foreigners (the Initiators) comes about (presumably from Orion & Lion constellations), of which several members settle down on the Earth fostering each of the 6 fundamental ethnics (promoting their growth and development).

1- Asians or Chinese (yellow skin) -> The Yellow River,

2- African or Nubians (black skin) -> Nile/Sudan,

3- Nordic or Greeks (white skin) -> Minoan/Black Sea,

4- Andes or Andean (red skin) -> Mezoamerica,

5- Indo or Indian (dark skin with Nordic attributes) -> Indo peninsula,

6- Old Egyptian (Arab people) -> Sumer/Iran plateau/Tigre & Egyptian Nile.

Construction and establishment of odd infrastructures (Megalithic structures),
most of which remains nowadays as the “Anachronic Materials”.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
C/ Exo-historic era
– 10 000 years ago;

A 2nd. group of outer foreigners (the Custodians) suddenly appears and performs raids destroying most of the original megalithic infrastructures (those pertaining to the 6 fundamental ethnics).

This major event triggers the departure of all members of the 1st. group of outer foreigners (the Initiators).

– 8 000/ – 6 500 years ago;
And then, the 6 fundamental ethnics began their own evolution, around their initial territory, away from any “foreign factor”. Parts of those later migrated, grouped, and mixed with other ethnics and decendants, and thus formed entire different tribes and people everywhere on the planet (including aboriginal/indigenous people).

– 5477 years before J.C.;
Establishment of the Egyptian 1st. Dynasty (Menes).

* Note: Ancient writings pertaining to Hebrews (tora, bible, etc) are not genuine. Those chronicles (from -5000 years before J.C.) were copied from Sumer ancient texts, which dates back to -6500 years before J.C. (namely: Epic of Gilgamesh).

The settlement of earthlings colony;
The Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets
One Million Tablets Describing Their World…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

D/ Religious era:
5477 years after Adam (starting from the birth and death of J.C.)
(Adam = establishment of the Egyptian 1st. Dynasty: 5477 years before J.C.)
(J.C. = birth of J.C.: 5477 years after Adam);

Isolated evolution of many ethnics on the planet.

Establishment of central dominating religions and dogma.

Exploration and discovery of northern continent (Groendland, Canada).

– – – – – – – – – – – – –
E/ Modern era
7477 years after Adam (Egyptian 1st. Dynasty + 2000 years after J.C.)
(Birth of J.C. [Adam + 5477 years] + 2000 years after J.C. = 7477 after Adam);

Progressive enlightenment from realism (interest in the actual and real, as distinguished from the abstract and speculative), triggered by growing interests toward science
(application of the scientific method).

Discovery and application of electromagnetism (radio waves).

Arrival/appearance and persistence of unidentified outer foreigners.

World War 1 & 2.

Computer and space orbit (gravity) technologies.

Discovery and study of the “Anachronic Material” scattered on the planet.
Erik Von Daniken,

Discovery and study of “Exotic Communications” to earthlings in general.
Colin Andrews,

Establishment of the Economic Regime (pecuniary interests system).

2013 after J.C.:
Disclosure Initiative (Dr. Steven Greer).
U.S.A. Citizen Diplomacy Effort.
Citizen Hearing, Disclosure Initiative,
CSETI USA Congress Hearing (2013):
(The national legislative body of the United States,
consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives)

Citizen Hearing videos > documents <;

Promoting disclosure on the presence of outer foreigners,
Pioneering a new patern of Peaceful establishment and contact,
toward freeing the people from macro-economic system.

The People’s Disclosure Movement
and Peaceful Establishments.

Paradigm Research Group (PRG),
executive director Stephen Bassett,
Dr. Edgar Mitchell
(International Spokesperson for the Citizen Hearing),
regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure,
presenting the documentary “Truth Embargo.”.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
F/ The Eight Millennium:

8477 years After Adam (Egyptian 1st. Dynasty + 3000 years After J.C.);

This “historic progression path” is what people will inevitably find,
whether they accept it or not.

It shows several outer foreigner species (initiators) have implicated themselves and modified the natural hominids evolution on the Earth, before they were chased away by other outer foreigner species (custodians).

Therefore, Earthlings have a very particular history,
one that is closely related with outer foreigners interventions.

It is fair to assume Outer Foreigners whom are currently present inside our planet’s atmosphere are related to, or under supervision of the “custodians”.

The main problem is Earthlings civilisation can not get rid of “greed” (excessive desire to acquire and possess more than what one needs or deserves), which keeps it from the normal evolutionary path (from the “custodians” point of view).

This caracteristic as well as being derived from carnivore species (which are fundamental to Earthlings), those are embedded in their genes (DNA).

And because of that, Earthlings can never be allowed the technology for space travel of humanoids (propagation risks). One way or another, the “custodians” will always guide earthlings away from it. Consequently, humanoids evolution on the Earth is bound to proceed on a different level.

For now, do feed and educate the population on your planet.
When peace and respect reigns everywhere,
Outer Foreigners might consider a contact.


September 2011.


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